Full Time Nicole Sinclair in Manufacturing
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Job Description

Our client in the fabrication industry is looking to hire a FABRICATION PROJECT MANAGER.


  1. Must be responsible to ensure that all detailing, fabrication and erection functions are carried out according to the specifications
  2. Identifying the Cost to Complete and total budget for the project.
  3. Developing manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure efficient operations
  4. Communicating with engineering staff to determine possible design changes to improve efficiency or manufacturability
  5. Conducting regular meetings with manufacturing staff to discuss production schedules and issues that may arise during production
  6. Reviewing production schedules to ensure that deadlines are met and work is progressing steadily
  7. Overseeing the development of products from concept to production by communicating with clients, reviewing designs, overseeing engineering plans, and ensuring that all materials are available for production
  8. Organizing and overseeing the implementation of new production methods or processes, including recruiting and training new employees and establishing work schedules
  9. Coordinating with vendors to ensure that materials are delivered on time, in the correct quantities, and meet quality standards
  10. Reviewing reports from other team members to identify problems or concerns with production schedules or materials
  11. Planning production activities, such as purchasing supplies, hiring workers, setting up machinery, and ordering materials


  • Education and Experience BSC in Engineering, or equivalent experience, with an emphasis on structural steel, miscellaneous metals
  • . Experience in metal fabrication or related construction field).
  • Must have at least 4-5 years of work experience in the industry.
  • Good communication with others.
  • Great decision-making skills.

Required skills

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