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Domestic Chef/Cook

Our client is seeking to hire a domestic Chef/Cook. This role requires setting up menus and preparing high-quality dishes. Successful candidate must be able to delegate tasks to kitchen staff  and also ensure that meals are prepared in a timely manner.


Kitchen Duties

  •  Performs and coordinates all household cooking;
  • Responsible for the preparation of Papa and Mama’s meals;
  • Develops ,plans and introduces new menus upon request;
  • Oversees the preparation of guest’s food;
  • Prepares weekly kitchen shopping list;
  • Liaises regularly with store keeper to ensure regular updates on stock list and stock level
  • Ensures staff compliance kitchen etiquette

Administrative duties

  •  Receive and store supplies.
  •  Make sure kitchen is hygienic and functional.
  •  Plan menus and estimate food requirements.
  •  Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements.
  •  Clean and inspect kitchen equipment, appliances, and work areas in order to ensure cleanliness and functional operation.
  •  Compile and maintain records of food use and expenditures. Requisition food supplies, kitchen equipment, and appliances, based on estimates of future needs.
  •  Take responsibility for the use and maintenance of all kitchen equipment
  •  Plan menus that are varied, nutritionally balanced, and appetizing, taking advantage of foods in season and local availability. Managing kitchen staff to deliver on cooking
  •  Ensure weekly requests are forwarded to procurement officer for processing.


    • or relevant certification in catering and hotel management
    • Must Possess good supervisory and organizational skills;
    • Understands the importance of beautiful presentation and great taste
    • Proven experience as Chef/Cook
    • Knowledge of various cooking procedures and methods
    • Ability to follow all sanitation procedures
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Good communication skills
    • Neat individual
    • Detail oriented
    • Meticulous and methodological
    • Attention to details
    • Energetic