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Head Of Legal & Compliance (entertainment and sports , Lagos)

Our Client is one of the foremost gaming companies  in Nigeria, looking to hire 

Overall responsibility for Legal, Regulatory and Compliance. Drafting, Reviewing & Updating of contracts, Licenses & Legislation, Terms & Conditions. Handling cases against betking.


  • Oversee all aspects relating to the Legal, Regulatory and Compliance of the Company;
  • Manage the Company’s regulatory and associated legal strategy in relation to the Regulatory environment
  • Implement all of key legal processes that relate to legal drafting, negotiations, and commercial settlement agreements.
  • Work with leadership and key stakeholders across the business to ensure legal compliance
  • Manage both proactively and actively all legal risk within the business
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies (including Competition and Advertising authorities)
  • Work and communicate closely with all stakeholders to advance these strategies, including government Agencies
  • Build and maintain relations with regulators and external partners
  • Responsible for liaisons with relevant Government departments on issues affecting the company and positioning the Company positively
  • Oversee the compliance function i.e. ensuring compliance with licenses, regulations and legislations including the co-ordination of responses to information requests and regulator enquiries and maintenance of regulatory reports, logs and databases
  • Control, manage and direct the activities of the commercial legal function;
  • Provide professional and strategic advice on all Commercial legal advice
  • Responsible for drafting, updating and reviews of contracts, terms and conditions of Employment etc


Personal Qualities & Behavioural Traits 

  • Demonstrable track-record producing effective and high-quality legal advice within a business
  • Should have good communication skills in drafting high-value legal documentation, which must be clear, unambiguous, concise, and conclusive, leaving no room for misinterpretation or manipulation.
  • Should be result-driven and service-driven individual, with good problem-solving skills, be highly adaptable and flexible
  • Must work comfortably in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks and meet tight deadlines,
  • Be proactive and self-motivated, have a keen eye for detail, and have an ability to remain calm and composed during times of uncertainty and stress.
  • Must also be a likable and relatable individual who is capable of building strong and long-lasting bonds with others.
  • Must be able to inspire trust and confidence in others who will then trust in his insights and judgments and readily follow in his directives.


Academic qualifications

A least a Law Degree from a reputable institution and called to Bar.


  • Min 10 years legal and regulatory/compliance Experience
  • Must have a Commercial Legal Background
  • Must be able to effectively manage formal & Informal discussion
  • Must have proven record of trustworthy and have integrity
  • Must be able to work in an environment that may not be streamlined and clearly defined
  • Must be able to quickly grasp, understand and apply mind to the technical aspect of the business
  • Proven record of enabling & maintaining relations with stakeholders e.g. regulators etc.


  • Gaming Law Environment