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IT Officer (Logistics , Lagos)

our client is a mid sized lohgistics company. This position is responsible responsible for supporting network databases and systems,updating system hardware and software, troubleshooting for system errors, and assisting team members in supporting all data security and optimization.


  • Responsible for Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems and networks.
  • Ensures computers and other IT gadgets works efficiently to enable optimal productivity in all departments.
  • Plans and undertakes scheduled maintenance upgrades.
  • Ensure all IT related policies and procedures have been implemented and a successful self audit has been carried out.
  • Renders support to the IT Manager where necessary.
  • Solves technical and operational challenges in the scope of IT reported by users.
  • Cooperates with the IT Manager, suggests on the existing and future systems being developed or implemented.
  • Support computers in hardware and software malfunction in coordination with all the departments.
  • Manages and prioritize any IT problems, impacting either revenue and/or the guest for quick resolution and pro-actively seek for preventative maintenance.
  • Maintain complete record of the systems related inventory.
  • Investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults.
  • Responsible for repairing all IT equipment and replacing parts.
  • Supervises junior engineering and technical staff.
  • obtaining replacement or specialist components, fixtures or fittings



  • At least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or any related field.
  • Relevant certification required
  • About 2-3 years of experience in IT.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Pays attention to details.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, Outlook, Word, Excel and building automation systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems
  • Expertise in internet management and trouble shooting
  • Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation
  • Technical and analytical skills