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IT Operations officer ( Network Administrator)

 Our client is a fintech company locatied in Isolo, Lagos and currently seeking to hire an IT operations officer. Such candidate will take charge of the day-to-day activities of the organization’s information technology (IT) department, ensuring that systems, services, and infrastructure work reliably and securely. IT Operation Officer will also respond to user help desk requests, and monitor system stability and performance but also directly supports end users by handling escalations, resolving user issues, and monitoring the performance of business-critical systems to prevent delays and outages and quickly resolve ongoing issues.


  • Manage a mid-size team who are tasked to provide information system solutions and technical support
  • Serve as the primary Point of call for all technical issue resolution
  • Provide weekly and monthly metrics to meet customer reporting requirements
  • Develop schedules and assigns work to meet critical deadlines
  • Respond in timely manner to all customer issues.
  • Maintain regular usage and performance statistics for all platform and services.
  • Develop and maintain relationships between customer and technical staff working in the company.
  • Ensure Information Security Policies and Procedures as the Information security champion
  • Review business process and company policies to help enhance workflow and develop a stronger company
  • Collaborate with sales and operations teams to help find ways to create cost-effective business processes that will attract new customers
  • Deliver a monthly report to management on industry trends and how to maximize those trends by altering company procedures
  • Work with relevant team to make sure all settlement and reconciliation of account are in order
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as information technology, computer science, or management information systems. 
  • Master’s degree in one of these fields is added advantage or in business administration
  • Extensive experience within an organization’s IT department working as technicians or analysts, along with some management experience.
  •  2 – 3 years work experience
  • Technical skills – IT operations officer should have extensive training on computer software and hardware, including servers and systems
  • Team leadership – because they direct and lead teams of IT technicians, IT operations managers should be able to effectively manage IT personnel and set department priorities
  • Process enhancement – in this role, IT Officer develop and implement policies and procedures for the IT department, so some familiarity with assessing and improving processes is vital
  • Communication skills – IT operations Officer should also be strong written and verbal communicators, able to communicate with team members, management personnel, and end users throughout the organization
  • Problem-solving skills – this role also requires excellent problem-solving skills, especially when it comes to directly addressing user issues with software and hardware