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Our client is one of the IT company in Lagos and currently seeking to hire a Team Lead IT. Successful candidate will be responsible for application system design, testing, deployment and documentation.


Web Development Area

  • Lead and establish priorities for, and manage subsequently, the day-to-day work of the web development for the company
  •  Determine and manage the technical infrastructure/frameworks to deliver robust, secure and reliable web applications and services
  • Responsible for the development and alignment of web /mobile based applications for the organization
  • Generating real-time, multi-interfaced targeted Web reports for requesting clients

Mobile Application Development

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest Android/iOS SDK developments and related technologies
  •  Ability to develop applications with knowledge of both front end and back end( desktop and android applications )
  • Skilled at app developments (desktop and mobile) and Arresting, intuitive graphics
  • Responsible for application system design, testing, deployment and documentation
  • Responsible for Implementing new features and extend existing functionality of existing  website / and mobile applications 
  • Maintain the application backend/front end to ensure sustainability of function.

Telecoms Technology

  • Using latest technology stacks protected with Certified Enterprise security solutions
  • Responsible for designing, overseeing the installation of telecom equipment and facilities
  • Prepares the plan, strategy and also align the hardware and software needs to attain the preferred telecommunication system.
  • Develop high quality services using appropriate hardware and software development tools and processes
  • Develop and run efficient and effective unit and feature tests for new and existing software/websites /mobile apps.
  • Troubleshoot existing problems with end users and resolve within limited available/requested time frames,
  • Timely updated on a pre-determined schedule
  • Scalable, e-commerce compliant


  • Must possess a minimum of a first degree in any related field
  • Must  possess a minimum of 5 years work experience
  • Ability to deploy Database programming (egMySQL), SMS, USSD & APIs Utility Standards.
  • Ability to integrate php, Java, HTML, CSS, C#, Python, Blogging, New Age tools and Programs.
  • Ability to generate  Digital / Social Media Engagement initiativ
  • Ability to deploy Asterix, FreeSwitch, AI, New cutting-edge Apps and IT Tools
  • Must be  Highly Skilled in Critical /Alternative Reasoning / Analytics,
  • Must have high creative ability
  • Content development will be an added advantage